Asian Sports Group is SportsTOURISM™ through its cycling components of its business activities. Event ranging Le Tour Langkawi, Explore Surabaya, D’Java Race are some of the recent Cycling Events held under ASGbrand™ and as part of its sponsorship and branding/marketing campaign.
ASG promotes its cycling calendar through its association with Union Cycliste Internationale and British Cycling Group England.
Cycling Events are promoted based on UCI Event Calendar which requires min 18 months of advance booking with 24 months of planning and sponsorship campaign. ASG Cycling Sponsorship includes: -

Event strategy development

Event creation, management and marketing.

Corporate hospitality management and execution.

CTour Pro partnerships and appearances.

Media partnerships.

Project-based work to address a specific need or objective.

MProject-based work to address a specific need or objective.

Competitive sponsorship analysis.

ASG Cycling™ consultancy has long been recognized as one of the most desirable sports marketing platforms in Asia. Its global appeal and up-market demographics appeal to corporations who want to create authentic connections with their customers. ASG can tailor programs to help companies achieve their marketing objectives, whether it’s to reach a mass audience or create intimate relationship-building experience.

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