ASG Junior Golf Academy

At ASG, our training is personally overseen and directed by very highly qualified and talented Golf Instructors & Teachers with incredible attention to detail. The learn, prepare and perform model is the foundation of the golf program and player development. The focus is on training and preparing for the ultimate objective: peak performance in competition.

ASGGolfAcademy™ has developed a specialized training program to accelerate student development and achieve optimal results in the shortest amount of time.

With the addition of the Nick Faldo Junior Golf Series as a ASG Asian partner, the junior program will reach new heights for fitness and performance training for students unparalleled at any other junior golf academy in the world. The team at both ASG and Nick Faldo Junior Golf has worked with many qualified athletes and will ensure ASG’s students reach new heights in their development.

ASG and the Nick Falso Team believe strongly in the science of achievement, which is the mechanics of training, combined with the art of fulfillment, which is the ability to enjoy the process and find appreciation in the journey. This is not always easy for juniors especially, but we believe that the holistic approach is what builds champions, in golf and in life.

Method for Success

At ASG, our holistic approach is what elevates each student to the best of their ability. We do not teach a swing method, but coach individuals by focusing on the 5 key areas of development:

  • technical
  • fitness
  • mental
  • strategy
  • personal

ASG Golf Coach team members in Asia is personally trained by UKPGA Golf Academy Training System. All are highly skilled with key competencies in these 5 areas of development. The goal is identifying the “it” for each student at ASG Golf Academy, meaning the one or two critical gap areas that stand in every student’s way from being their best in competition. However, it is rapport and trust that forge strong relationships and allow students to be open to coaching and correction on their path to improvement.

All areas of our golf program are interdependent, and it is critical to identify the areas that will impact performance. Through identifying the gaps and developing the most appropriate plan for development and improvement, our team is able to hold students accountable through the process.

Competency and confidence go hand in hand. As we teach competence, we help students and reinforce changes; we work on building confidence through the process in each of the 5 areas.

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