ASG Player Management

Besides what ASG does best in its golf developmnent, the Players Management are also given top priority identifying potential golfer whom are made “ambassador’ of our client products and brand campaign.

ASG works tirelessly to ensure that our clients are always at the forefront of opportunities to partner with the top companies in the world and build their personal brands.

ASGTalent™ has a 15 year history of recruiting and representing the best golfers and providing them an unparalleled service. Our ethos consists of three elements: we only recruit the selective players, we are loyal to our clients and we value personal service above all things.

ASGTalent™ players/client representation expertise includes:

  • Managing every aspect of a golfer’s day-to-day career and their global schedule, both on and off the course.
  • Maximising income potential with hands-on, strategic career management
  • Providing extensive global resources and expertise to generate value in all facets and stages of a golfer’s career
  • Negotiating recurring revenue streams through endorsements, appearances, licensing, publishing and design arrangements
  • Generating global media exposure through tailored media and PR strategies
  • Building and managing the client’s “brand” with explicit focus on long-term goals

What sponsorship of a golfer can do for your brand?

ASGTalent™ offers a broad global portfolio of marketing solutions through an association with a golfer, building customised programmes based on a company’s business and marketing objectives, providing:

  • Credibility and prestige
  • An added dimension to promotion
  • Corporate entertainment opportunities
  • A competitive advantage

This can be achieved through an association with iconic, trustworthy athletes, through exploitation of a combination of the following rights and benefits:

  • Advertising / endorsement rights
  • PR programmes
  • Branding exposure
  • Use of the player’s time
  • Digital media benefits
  • Co – promotional activities
  • Employee Benefits
  • Charitable Activities.

For Sponsorship program, please email to;

Note: Players representation also include other sports promoted by Asian Sports Group Limited.

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