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As an industry leader with international project experience in all terrains and climates, ASG Project management team offers comprehensive project management and construction-related expertise.

With leaner budgets, shorter construction periods and increased demand for world-class quality, we have recognized the developer's need for improved control over its investment in golf course development. ASG Project Management team was created to provide our clients with flexible alternatives to the traditional procurement approach. By partnering with our clients as golf course project managers, we use our extensive construction experience to reduce time, cost and performance risks. From comprehensive design/build proposals to shaping services, we offer multiple options to maximize project value.

Our project management services are aimed at controlling golf development costs and delivery cycle times while optimizing project value. In conjunction with the ownership team, we prepare a comprehensive execution plan and materials procurement strategy for the golf course development component of the project. The execution plan includes a cost, schedule and resource baseline for measuring and assessing project performance. Once the execution plan is approved, we assist the developer in obtaining competitive bids or negotiated proposals from qualified golf course builders and specialty subcontractors, and we assist in awarding and preparing contracts for construction.

Using state-of-the-art project and contract management software, we administer and control each project by monitoring and reporting progress against the approved baseline. As construction progresses, we provide a final cost forecast based on current status and trends, and at the same time highlight trends of potential budget deviations that require management control. Once the variations and trends have been identified and forecasts developed, solutions and improvement opportunities are presented to the developer for consideration. Our ability to meet or exceed the developer's objectives during construction and deliver full value for the resources invested have greatly contributed to the overall quality and success of our projects.

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