Sports Tourism

ASGSportsTourism™ is defined as a specific travel outside of the usual environment for either passive or active involvement incompetitive sport wheresport is the prime motivational reason fortravel and the touristic orleisureelement may act to reinforce the overallexperience. Another definition worth noting explains ASGSportTourism™ as a combination of sports activities and travel. From a sport marketing and sport management perspective, it consists of two broad categories of products: a) sports participation travel (travel for the purpose of participating in a sports,recreation, leisure or fitness activity); and b) sports spectatorial travel (travel for the purpose of spectating sports, recreation, leisure or fitness activities or events).

With its remarkable growth in Asian region, the World Tourism Organization (WTO) recognizes that Asian Sports Group and its sports tourism business activities is now an emerging market. Indeed, over the past ten years, the interest in sport especially elite sporting events has grown at a phenomenal rate. Sports tourism events at the international, national and regional levels have a double - barreled effect–the direct effect of the attendance of the competitors and/or spectators and accompanying persons, and the indirect ef fect of the marketing of the destination which lead to the subsequent tourism flows. This indirect effect can be very large – most of the tourism benefits of big sporting events are expected to be of this nature.

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