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As an industry leader with international project experience in all terrains and climates, ASG Turn Key Solutions offers comprehensive project management and construction-related expertise.


Using a cost database of over 32 built projects, we provide accurate pre-construction cost estimates and work with the developer to establish the scope and prepare a detailed lineitem budget. During construction, our objective is to maintain the cost baseline and ensure that all approved changes and corrective actions are reflected in the project plan and progress reports. We employ value-analysis techniques to track cost performance and calculate deviations from planned performance. Earned value is used to evaluate contractor progress payments and to determine the overall project completion percentage.


Golf course design and construction must follow a specific sequence to ensure quality and efficiency. The latest project management technology is used to integrate cost, schedule and resource data and develop logical relationships and sequences between design and construction activities. The developer's key milestone dates and phases are identified, and the critical path is analyzed to determine the earliest possible completion date. Once work begins, the schedule is used to monitor project progress and compare planned with actual performance.


With escalating tap fees and municipal water costs, alternative water sources such as brackish water, treated sewage effluent and reverse-osmosis treatment are becoming viable solutions on many projects. The introduction of new turf varieties, combined with evapotranspiration-based scheduling and limited turf areas, have given developers new ways to control and manage both initial capital and long-term maintenance costs. We offer professional water resource and usage analysis, from hydrogeological studies and water quality testing to preparation of annual water budgets.


With the increased demand for world-class quality, we have recognized the need for improved product and management results. Our goal is to improve the flow of project control information to the developer, so that executive-level decisions are correctly directed to take advantage of improvement opportunities that optimize the quality and value of the finished product. Early construction cost savings can often be reallocated to improve the quality of later activities, such as landscaping and environmental restoration, greatly contributing to the aesthetic appeal of the course.


As an integral part of our golf course redevelopmnet process, we look for opportunities to restore natural ecosystems, construct wetlands and create wildlife habitats and corridors. We also use best management practices to naturally retain and filter storm-water runoff and protect water quality. Environmental improvements not only enhance the playing experience and appearance of the course, but are often necessary to satisfy mitigation requirements. During construction, we will manage the development of these special environs ensuring long-term success.


Understanding ASG’s unique vision and transforming its concepts into a finished grading design requires both extensive golf course shaping experience and artistic talent. BGA Turn Key Solutions team maintains a consortium of "A" shapers to bring BGA’s design to life and keep the project on schedule. We carefully select shapers for specific projects based on the terrain, extent of earthwork, design concept and fluency in a native language in order to best utilize individual expertise during the most important phases of construction.


For developers interested in self-performing golf course construction or using a construction management approach, BGA Turn Key Solution provides key field personnel to coordinate individual contractors and perform specialty golf course construction activities using the local labor force. Each foreman or supervisor is experienced in their respective trade -- from golf course irrigation to greens construction -- and is able to lead and train local crews and operate equipment. Qualified field supervisors are an essential resource for maintaining quality and assuring timely performance on international projects with foreign contractor restrictions and local workforce requirements.


Using an integrated project planning approach, we develop a baseline plan representing the budgeted cost of work scheduled. The baseline plan allows us to prepare a cumulative spending curve and monthly cost histogram for both design and construction. Accurate time-phased budgets and cost forecasts are essential for developers and financial institutions that need regular cash flow statements with anticipated monthly project costs.

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